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Way back in the 90's, I started machining dice in my spare time at work for myself to use in Dungeons & Dragons. Then my friends started asking for some and suggested I sell them. So, I tried selling a few on eBay and the response was good.

Everything was going well until I changed jobs and was no longer permitted to make stuff for myself at work. Therefore I decided to purchase the machinery necessary to make dice at home. Now I spend most of my time filling orders for dice from people who email me with requests, making other unique gaming items, and fill-in with job shop type work. Although I specialize in dice, I can do lots of other machine shop work.

Now I'm divorced and working as a engineer, I spend a good amount of time in my workshop, but not so much when it's really cold out or really nice outside.  My old shop was split between a detached garage and my basement, the new one is all under one roof.

If there is anything you would like to know or have made, please e-mail me,


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